As (no longer) explained in the header, this is being started as a venue for me to publish outtakes and extra material from interviews done on behalf of Goal.com. If I feel ambitious and selfish enough, I might expand into some personal opinion on the global soccer world.

In order of priority; the US Men's National Team, FC Barcelona, Champions League, Premier League (due to the coverage of FSC), and Juventus. That doesn't mean I won't touch on other things....

A few rules of engagement....Soccer is Soccer in the US and most of my writing but I am reserving the right to use terms such as Footballer and Footballing etc due to the lack of "American" idioms relating to the sport (Soccerer? Soccering?). I don't fancy myself European, it just makes my life easier. That's the only rule actually.

I Fischi is Italian for "The Whistles." A reference to the European tradition of whistling in response to bad refereeing decisions or poor play on the field. My introduction to soccer was from Dominick Evangelista, my first ever coach, so it is also an homage to him and my resulting vague and very loose Italian-American soccer heritage. Additionally, my introduction to "i fischi" was at the US Open in Flushing Meadows and I was pleased to find out it was a broader practice. Finally, and probably most importantly, you would be amazed at how few options there are for blog titles on blogspot.com, so after way too much effort, this is what I came up with.

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  1. A great start, Adam. THANKS for bringing your excellent insights to what I hope will be a vast readership!