US @ Honduras Midweek Update

Yo man, I think BB reads my fcking blog!!!! Yea right, lets not get out of hand here...but in a twist of events, Clint Dempsey has been ruled out with a Shoulder and taking his spot is USMNT classic/I Fischi favorite, Mr. Frankie Hejduk.

Personally, in Honduras, I think Hejduk should get the starting nod at RB. How can age trump experience, fitness, and the leadership he brings? Spector may be the future but this game requires points so BB should put forth the team that gives him the best chance.

Dempsey being out raises and interesting question about who will take his spot in the midfield. Personally, I think it immediately opens the door for Stuart Holden.

He has had a great summer and seems to be the sole beneficiary of the US's Gold Cup run. BB has taken a liking to him and gave him an oppt in the last two qualifiers.

Also the chance that he opens up with Feilhaber on the right side, although I think he is more natural in the center, or Jose Torres, although he hasn't proven too much lately.

Something useful beyond a roster release has come out of USSoccer.com, a CONCACAF hexagonal scenario generator. What it comes down to is that the US needs to get at least a point in Honduras. Costa Rica has to beat T&T if they want a shot at auto qualification and that should be fairly simple. If the US gets beat on Saturday night, it will make the final game next Wed. way more nervous than anyone wants.

Check back later this week for final pre-game thoughts.

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