Onyewu on the Move....AC MILAN!

As has been widely reported this AM...Oguchi Onyewu has been obtained by AC Milan on a free transfer from Standard Liege in Belgium. Interestingly enough, during his time in Belgium, Onyewu was able to get a Belgian passport and therefore will count as an EU player for Milan, thus easing the transfer process.

This is arguably the biggest transfer move ever for an American player. Milan is a club who has just regained entry into the Champions League after the Calciopoli events of 2006 and consequences put them out of the competition since that spring. Additionally, they have just seen one of the all time great Italian Defenders and AC Milan legend, Paolo Maldini, end his 24 year tenure with the club.

This has resulted in an offseason devoted to attempting to strengthen their squad in order to improve on their 3rd place Serie A finish and to impress in their return to the CL. Additionally, they are obviously seeking defensive reinforcements. Thirdly, you will probably see another move or two from them after their sale of Kaka left them with a little extra cash.

In an attempt to temper the enthusiasm, let's remember that this is only the first step and at its core, a huge opportunity for Onyewu. Alessandro Nesta, has a hold on 1 of the 2 center back positions but as the roster stands at this time, the other one is up for grabs. With Thiago Silva as the only other established defender, it is safe to assume that Milan brought him in to compete immediately for a starting role.

Here's to Oguchi and him making the best of a fcking awesome opportunity!

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