WCQ Update - US v Mexico 8/12 @ 4PM EST???

Apparently the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) decided to schedule the August 12th World Cup Qualifying match against the US at 3PM local time (4PM EST).

This continues the trend between the two nations of going a step further in order to really cement their home field advantages....

The last US/Mexico qualifier (a 2-0 US victory) was a February game, played in the cold, 92% white/black, midwestern city of Columbus, OH. Compared with the other soccer markets in this country, Columbus is likely the most homogeneously American/least Hispanic (2.5% of the pop.). The last thing USSoccer wanted, understandably, was to hold it somewhere that the crowd could end up pro-opposition (read: Mexican).

Not really sure how a 3PM kick off would serve to increase the home field advantage, but I don't know why the FMF would do this unless they thought it was providing some sort of advantage. I am sure those 114k+ with tickets will still find a way to go and the stadium will still be a raucous mess for the Americans. Some possible advantages from an early game...
  • It's so hot in Mexico in August that by 8PM everyone is just so tired that they can't be as loud?
  • Mexicans love to drink around noon more than around 5 PM so they will get drunker and be even rowdier for a 3PM kickoff?
  • You might think that 3PM would be brutally hot in Mexico City in August (the anti-Columbus, OH in Feb effect) but apparently b/c it's so elevated the climate is really mild and the avg Aug high temperature isn't even 80 degrees. That also rules out bullet point number 1.
  • They think the Americans will be thrown off by a 3PM competitive game???
I am all for trying to increase your home field advantage in any sport but, honestly, I have no idea what the thinking behind this is....please let me know if you have a view...

I do know that for me it means I am either going to have to construct an excuse to leave my cubicle earlier than usualy or pull the always difficult, avoidance of sports news for a few hours and watch on DVR...at least 4PM is closer to EOD than those 2:30 Champions League starts.


  1. I think the game is scheduled in the late afternoon because this is when the normally lethargic Mexican is most awake, right after a much needed siesta from a tiresome morning of work.

  2. Siestas are in Spain, dumbass.

  3. Haha, thanks for putting that first commenter in his place.

    Know your shit DIORS!

  4. HaHaha...All good comments but maybe Diors was being sarcastic? Anyhow, the 3p start is somewhat odd for a weekday.

  5. I thought Mexico was in Spain, my bad.

  6. Does the Diors place putter know Diors? Where are u from?