Randoms: 8/24/09

For the few of you out there who read this on any sort of a regular basis...I apologize but the kind of work they pay me for has been taking priority. A few noteworthy soccer events involving American's happened this weekend and I had to share.

First and foremost...congrats to Jozy Altidore on making his EPL debut for Hull City and, impressively, contributing directly to the winner. Here's the video w/his debut at 3:15:

It's a great, creative thought/ball from Jozy to set up the winning goal, a side of his game which is there but which Jozy can only benefit from improving further; the thought is only half the battle, the skill to execute is just as vital and more impressive.

Check out 4:50 for a near miss from Altidore as well and 5:55 for another great chance.

A great debut, all the credit in the world to Jozy and most importantly congratulations.

Looking forward to the Aston Villa v Liverpool game this afternoon on ESPN2 in the states, 3PM EST. Liverpool has had two very different showings so far while Villa lost to an impressive Wigan side to start this season after an impressive 08/09 campaign. Anfield will be a tough place for them to get points but they have the offensive firepower to find the net once or twice. Word is that Yossi Benayoun is relishing his starting role and the energy he brings for 90' is unrivaled, 'Pool is at their best with him on the field.

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  1. Very happy to see jozy playing well and getting chances....cant forget charlie davies super sub for Sochaux, scoring 2 goals in his first half of play in the French league..