Randoms: 8/7/09

A few random soccer related internets finds...


Pretty cool to see Mr Dempsey get some FIFA recognition and the beginning of the video contains some sweet video of historic USMNT moments. He has received his fair share of criticism on this blog but only b/c I have come to expect a lot of him.

He has good field vision and a creative style that is not very American, along with a knack for coming up with big goals. However, he still can get caught up trying to do too much w/the ball which can lead to crucial errors (see US v Honduras 6/6/09).

Hoping the addition of European football to Fulham's schedule this year helps him hit that proverbial next level that I think he has in him.

On another note, the always fun to watch, Andres Iniesta has come out with a few interesting comments in the past few days.

A statue might be a bit much but its an interesting comment on how much Eto'o meant to Barcelona's success the past few years. More importantly....

Absolutely one of the most refreshing views on money/contracts that an athlete has ever verbalized. The large majority of major athletes out there, esp in the US, (whether on their own or b/c of their agent) hold out or request more money based on some sort of contribution to the team.

This man scored the biggest goal of the season for Barcelona but is so content with his compensation and what the club has afforded him that he doesn't feel it necessary to ask for anything.

I think it is a reflection on the club and the type of players they produce. They treat their players as family and in return they rarely end up with self important superstars.

It's almost unbelievable...

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