If I were Bob Bradley... (WCQ - US v Honduras 6/6/09)

I like the idea of being able to choose a squad with out having to worry about my job relying on the success it brings. It is with that incredibly simplified view that I am picking a squad for tonight's WCQ match in Chicago.


Some thoughts about it....

I see Adu and Torres as basically interchangeable. Whoever lines up in the middle is in what is a purely attacking role while the other is left to create from the outside.

Dempsey is given some free reign and the only reason he gets a start is b/c his history of inconsistency lends me to believe he'll play well this time out.

Ricardo Clark gets the nod b/c of Mastroeni's uninspired performance the other night; this is only qualifying no need to fall back on veterans and use the experience excuse. Let's see if Clark can step up in a big game and get into the mix for that CDM role. (A note...I would have loved to see Maurice Edu get a chance but he has been ruled out until the fall with Knee Surgery)

In the back, I think Demerit deserves a chance as well. He has fallen off the map as Watford didn't survive in the Premiership but he has shown an ability to both defend and lead. Move Bocanegra out wide as he is a more comfortable with the ball than Onyewu and see if moving a natural defender to LB works better than converting a Midfielder.

Check back tomorrow for some reactions...

God speed tonight.....

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