Spain Vs United States Highlights 6/24

Quick thoughts...

Tim Howard showed why so many consider him one of the top GKs in the Premier League and therefore the world at this time. Quick off his line, aggressive and accurate in the air, and constantly in great position to make big save after big save.

Bocanegra on the left was a brilliant move by BB. It is the best solution at this time as it allows the US to get their best defensive players on the field at once. Onyewu was a stud and as I said has really developed the instincts and mental clarity needed to be a world class Center Back...this should do wonders for this imminent transfer. Borenstein has potential but he doesn't bring enough offensive ability to justify the defensive dropoff.

Dempsey probably played his best game of the tournament so far but still think that when he's playing as a striker, even if its slightly deeper than Jozy, is when he's most effective. It also allows Feilhaber to get on the field, and I can't recall an American who seems so natural and controlled with the ball at his feet.

Jozy played very well and I hoped that playing against the nation where he plays his club soccer would inspire him to put forth maximum effort and it seemd to do so. His play to get in position for the goal was brilliant and while he got a little lucky with the shot as it was almost right at Casillas, he did have him going the other direction.

Charlie Davies and his speed cause problems for opposing defenses but he needs time to mature and develop a better sense of the where he/his teammates are on the field. Starting him though, and then making that ~60th min change to Feilhaber on the right and Dempsey up front is an option I like though.

Spector has shown a lot this tournament and while I still like Hejduk back there for the time being, the future is bright and clear at the RB position for the US.

While it's always unfortunate to see someone go down hurt, Bocanegra in this case, I am really happy that Jay Demerit finally got a big chance (READ THIS ARTICLE FROM SI IN '06). He plays as hard as anyone out there and brings an aggressiveness to this backline that only improves this team.

Landon Donovan has been a sparkplug for this team and hopefully he understands how important he is to this team. Performing in CONCACAF qualifying is one thing but finally he didn't disappear on a huge stage.

Michael Bradley's Red Card was absurd....honestly, that was fcking bullshit. The ref had it out for the American's all night it seemed and that really just confirmed it. Sometimes I think referees from classic soccer nations get upset when the American's play well and then decide it's their own job to show them up somehow. It's a disgrace and hopefully FIFA looks at it and accepts some sort of appeal. He didn't come in late, with two feet, cleats up, or with any malicious intent.....where's the red card??? Please....tell me??

GFY Jorge Larrionda from Uruguay

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