Well Then.....

A 3-1 thrashing at the hands of Costa Rica and a qualifying campaign that seemed to be running smoothly has suddenly become a little more tenuous. The squad that optimistically would have been able to put up at least a fight against Italy/Brazil in two weeks is now one that has all sorts of question marks about it.

Let's start with BB (Bob Bradley) . He had the squad responding to him; a quality performance against Mexico, a road comeback draw in El Salvador, and a thrashing of T&T, all while doing a good job of rotating a variety of players.

Now he faces a return trip to the US as #2 in the region with an upcoming must win in Chicago on Saturday vs Honduras, the #3 team in the region. His attempt to control the game from the midfield with what ended up being a 4-5-1 was a disaster from the beginning as no one seemed interested in defending, winning or maintaining possession. Backpasses are well and good but if you're going to rely on your keeper to get the ball upfield, you better not be relying on Landon Donovan to win the ball in the air.

Needing two goals, I do not understand the decision to remove Torres in favor of Klestjan as Torres was at least interested in offensive Soccer. While I love Clint Dempsey, he seemed entirely uninterested in even participating in the game...passes were off, wasn't challenging the ball, getting pushed off when he did come across it, and had no touch. Just b/c he is succeeding in the UK should not guarantee his spot in these games regardless of quality. He should have been removed at the half for Klestjan or Adu.

Adu did provide a spark when he got in there, as slight as it was; he always seems calm on the ball and thinking think creatively, and his decision to not play the daring ball is as important as when he does attempt them. He deserves a start on Saturday.

Altidore once again did a good job of holding up the ball and did ok distributing but Costa Rica gave him little space to move. Just as well though, no one seemed interested in supporting him. At least until Donovan woke up sometime in the middle of the 2nd half. I also believe he does a little better with a Striking partner, whether it be Ching or Charlie Davis...Ching is the choice if they are going to continue with Howard as the main distributor.

DaMarcus Beasley has been a staple for this team for years now but his future is not at the left back position. Defensively he just isn't there, whether he is too small or just doesn't think that way, I'm not sure...but I am sure that he's a liability. If you like Torres on the left, Beasley should just remain an option off the bench with an ability to provide a spark off the bench.

On the other side, Wynne looked decent going forward and has the speed/energy to get back but was completely cut up for that 2nd goal. He needs more time to develop I think and was clearly out of his element in an environment like that. Hejduk is my 1st choice over there still and hopefully Bradley gives Spector a chance on Saturday.

Onyewu and Bocanegra have the ability but they gotta get loud and take charge of this team on Saturday; they have the experience and the ability and need to exude confidence at all times....from the locker room straight through the match, give the squad something to feed off and believe in.

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